Castors and Wheels - Technical

Our world revolves around Engineering Excellence……

  • OEM Support for New Applications  - Using State of the art Computer Modelling & Simulation Systems, Bulldog Castors  assist in the design of Customers New Applications & Developments, simulating performance of Castor Wheels and proving concept of design before costly trials are conducted.    

  • Technical Solutions that You Can Depend On – Our Qualified Engineers have a wealth of experience within the Industrial, OEM, Material Handling and Manufacturing Industry. Using custom software our technical team provide technical analysis of an application to ensure the correct Castor Wheels solution is applied.  Analysis can include calculation of Weight Distribution on each Castor Wheel, Shock & Impact Force Calculations and how this is absorbed by the Castor Wheels, and Vibration & Frequency Analysis of customer applications.  We pride ourselves on High Level Technical Engineering Support and Solutions.   

  • Problem Solving -  Our products are used in almost every industry, from Industrial, Automotive, Commercial, Institutional to Medical.  Years of experience provide us with great understanding of applications, allowing us to work with our customers engineers to assist in finding the best castors & wheels to solve their problem. 

  • High Quality Materials – At Bulldog Castors we strive to be the best in all that we do, and that’s why we employ Polymer Engineers to ensure that all of our Castor Wheels meet the high quality standards that our customers have come to expect.  This means having people that understand not only the mechanics, but also the materials that we use in our Castors & Wheels.  Our expertise in Polymer Engineering ensures that we have an excellent understanding of the material properties that we use in our Castors, down to a molecular level. –Bulldog’s expertise in Material Engineering sets us apart from the competition.

  • Custom Product Manufacture - Bulldog Castors utilise almost all methods to manufacture our Castor Wheels, including Injection Moulding, Compression and Transfer Moulding, Machining & Hot Pouring Processes.  Whether you require a small quantity of a special Castor Wheel, or OEM volume production, Bulldog Castors have the capability to offer a solution.  The Majority of our Castors are manufactured from Compression & Transfer Moulding, however one of our popular options for low volume or one-off Custom Castor Wheels is Hot Pouring of Polyurethane, where the tooling costs are extremely low and offer a fast lead time compared to other development and manufacturing methods. 


Innovation is in our Blood………..

  • Continuous Product Development  - Bulldog™ continuously introduce new and improved Castor Wheels to our product range.  These include new improved designs, improved materials and innovative design concepts.  Our team are constantly reviewing the performance of our products, conducting testing of materials under varying scenarios, and working with OEM’s to develop new unique products.

  • 3D Design, Simulation& Finite Element Analysis – Bulldog Engineers have a full range of tools to allow Design of New Products, Analysis the effect of Design Changes and calculate Stress and Strain Values do to Static, Dynamic & Impact Forces

  • Unique, Innovative Products to Improve Industry efficiency – The wheel has been around for centuries, but here at Bulldog Castors™ we like to keep pushing forward.  Since the official patent of the Swivel Castor in 1920, there have been vast developments in the performance of castors.  In addition to offering our standard castors,we also work both independently and with OEM’s to develop Innovative Castors and Ideas to improve efficiency of the equipment that the castors are fitted to.  Due to our high involvement in Polymer Engineering, many of our innovative developments are focused on Vibration & Shock Protection, Chemical and Fluid Resistance, Wear Resistance, and increase longevity of the Castors Wheel.

Bulldog Castors™ offer an impressive testing facility in Leicester, in which to conduct a multitude of tests and analysis on both the finished Castors and also the raw materials. We also work with independent test facilities to further strengthen our testing & analysis capabilities. Testing Includes:

  •        Load Testing of Castors
  •        Castor Wheel Endurance Testing (32Km Travel at 1.1m/s)
  •        Castor Wheel Endurance Obstacle Test
  •        Rubber Creep Testing (Permanent Set) of the Rubber Wheels
  •        Material Analysis of Castor Wheels (Specific Gravity, Material Type)
  •        Fluid Resistance (Oils, Fuels, Cleaning Materials, Bleach, any other fluid)

Bulldog work to various ISO & ASTM Testing& Quality Standards in addition to their own Industry specific tests.

  • Friendly,Fast, Efficient Service - Bulldog Castors operate a number of automated systems to ensure a fast, efficient & error free service.  From our Order Processing, Production to Order Despatch we implement systems to ensure that our customers purchasing experience as smooth and trouble free.


  • UK Stocking& FAST Delivery – We aim to meet our customer’s demands in the shortest possible time. The Large Stock Holding of all standard Castor Wheels here in the East Midlands is one of our biggest assets, allowing us to provide Fast,Next Day deliveries to our customers.  Bulldog™ work with OEM customers on a JIT basis, in addition to one-off customers needing next day delivery. 


  • Technical Support & Site Visits  -  Bulldog’s Friendly Team of Technical Engineers are on hand for Customer Site Visits around the UK.  Our Qualified Application Engineers provide technical advice and Castor Wheels recommendations to ensure our customers receive the best possible advice & solution.  

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